Tracy and Marilyn

Words to Encourage

Regularly throughout these times of isolation and social distancing, Marilyn and Tracy will share some thoughts to bring comfort and hope.

They will appear in the order they are written. We pray they are a blessing to you.

  • March 24th: At this time of isolation many of us are feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope with this unprecedented situation. Maybe some of you are struggling with COVID-19 symptoms? Or the fear of developing them? All of us most certainly will be struggling with the extreme changes in our life style and freedom. Those of you who are on your own must feel especially isolated. In MBM we want to bring regular encouragement to you to know we are praying for you. Today I (Tracy) felt He wanted us to take hold of His promise to always be with us Matt 28:20. ‘And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age.’ He is with you, He is with me, we may not be able to get together but He is there for you always and nothing can ever alter that, even Coronavirus. As Marilyn’s song says ‘rest in my love, relax in my care and know that my presence will always be there. You are my child, and I care for you, there’s nothing my love and my power cannot do.’

  • March 25th: We are all facing so many huge changes and stresses we can become overwhelmed and Marilyn and I feel this as much as anyone as we try to deal with self isolation and living a new MBM lifestyle. Yet if we think of this promise from the Lord 'I will always be with you,' it's important to know He truly is with us in a very real, caring and powerful way. How might we experience His presence, especially if feeling overwhelmed? For me today I sensed Him in so many ways; a lovely neighbour walking Goldie for me; another neighbour buying Marilyn and I some groceries and not taking any payment; the beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies, the thousands of volunteers selflessly giving their time to help the NHS; the NHS themselves and their incredible sacrificial care of those who are ill; the spring flowers bursting into bloom everywhere, an eternal sign of hope. As this day ends let's drink in the promise of God's loving care once again through the words of one of Marilyn's first songs, 'My Love Will Never Fail You'.

'My love will never fail you; my peace will be your guide. My grace will always keep you. Yes I am close by your side. My strength is here to help you, and my arms are open wide. Let me show you how I love you. Yes I am close by your side. '

Light at end of path Flowers