Tracy and Marilyn


MBM brings a message of hope and assurance of God’s love through the anointed music, teaching and prayer ministry of Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson together with their supporting team.

Marilyn Baker

Marilyn became blind as a child, but soon demonstrated a gift for music, which took her to the Royal College of Music and on into a teaching profession. She had a longing to communicate her faith and began writing anointed songs. Her deep desire to help others discover the love that has so changed her life led her into Christian Ministry through music. During the past 30 years Marilyn has travelled around the world, becoming one of Britain’s most popular and well-loved singer-songwriters.


Tracy Williamson

Author and speaker Tracy Williamson is Marilyn’s partner in this work, and her personal assistant. Early in life she suffered an illness, which affected her hearing and sight. This did not, however, stop her from taking a BA (hons) degree. For many years Tracy has spoken at Marilyn’s concerts bringing testimony and prophetic insights, helping people to understand the love of God in a more personal way, also conducting teaching seminars on various subjects.


Saffie and Goldie

Saffie is Marilyn’s guide dog and Goldie is Tracy's hearing dog and they travel everywhere with them. They are the only members of the team allowed to sleep during events.

Marilyn and Tracy now travel extensively around the British Isles leading Church weekends and seminars and holding concerts as a means of reaching people in all walks of life.