Tracy and Marilyn


The heart of MBM's ministry is to see people entering into joy instead of mourning, beauty instead of ashes, praise instead of despair; to enable people to understand the intimacy of God's tender Father's love and be empowered by it to reach out to others that they too may be healed and changed.

He has been wonderfully faithful guiding and providing for us over all these years and has brought so much transformation to individuals and groups. We are excited about what lies ahead in His plans for us.

Nuts and bolts of what we do Marilyn's evangelistical and encouragement concerts are still a foundation stone of the ministry and are often the doorway to people becoming interested in attending a residential event or quiet day. The concerts are sometimes combined with church encouragement weekends in which we seek to build up the host church by taking part in the Sunday service and sharing God's heart and vision for them. Marilyn also loves to do low key but very significant concerts in homes for the elderly and for disabled groups. It is wonderful when they find Jesus at the end of their lives and are able to face death with peace and certainty of eternity.

We have been leading rest and renewal conference breaks and quiet days for thirteen years and many guests have become established members of the MBM family, returning again and again for the deep spiritual encouragment that the breaks bring. Marilyn and Tracy, together with their ministry team, have a passion to see more and more experiencing restoration and the ability to live truly as God's beloved sons and daughters.

Tracy teaching at Oldham, June 2012

For a number of years Tracy Williamson has spoken at Marilyn’s concerts or during Church Weekends where she shares prophetic insights and brings God given words. In addition, she conducts workshops on various subjects including “Listening to God”, “Creative Prayer” and “Overcoming Fears and Anxieties”.

Personal Prayer Ministry
Marilyn, Tracy and the ministry team always offer prayer ministry at their events and, if people live in the area, prayer ministry can also be given at Marilyn's home or another venue either by Marilyn and Tracy or by ministry team members.

Marilyn and Tracy Marilyn and Tracy Marilyn and Tracy