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About Tracy

Since developing a love for reading at a young age, Tracy has always found the written word a wonderful means of relaxing, communicating and exploring. Tracy studied English Literature and it was at college that she became a Christian. One of her first dreams as she began to grow in her faith was to write a book that would help people understand what being a Christian is all about. Tracy began writing a journal and also explored writing poems and articles about deafness, inner healing, identity and recovery from abuse. When Tracy was asked by writer Jennifer Rees Larcombe to write an article on listening to God, her writing took a new turn for she was then asked by Hodder & Stoughton to write a book. This became ‘The Voice of the Father’ and was published in 1995. After a gap, Tracy then wrote four further books about hearing God and experiencing inner transformation for New Wine Press. Tracy has recently completed her 6th book on the theme of experiencing the Father’s affection which will be published by Authentic in 2018. (Details and pictures available in 2018)


Encountering God

Our relationship with God is like a journey and the most dynamic of adventures because God travels it with us. It’s like a hide and seek game discovering Him at any moment. Whether we are riding up to the top of a mountain or passing through a dark tunnel, He is alongside and wanting to share it with us and show us incredible things that we would not have seen on our own….(précis from the Introduction)

Flying Free with God

For many of us wounds and regrets bind us up and hold us captive to the past. Can the promises of God really be true for me?

Tracy knows that these promises are true, not just for a select few but for us all. In this book she graphically describes her discovery of the depths of release that Jesus brings.

This book won’t be one that you will just read and forget. It will be part of your own adventure with God. You will discover how to live in the truth of His healing love. You will experience the joy of rising up from the things that have held you captive and soaring with the One who calls you Beloved. You will enter into the joy of flying free with God. (précis from the Introduction)

Expecting God to Speak to You

God is a Father who loves to speak to His children …

With many illustrations, personal stories and practical suggestions Tracy helps us to tune into God’s voice of love and hear Him speaking in a variety of ways and circumstances. Readers will be amazed at how God will speak into all areas of their lives …(from the back cover)

Letting God Speak Through You

In this book Tracy will take you on a practical journey and convice you that God can speak to others through you. If you want to grow in confiudence and learn to speak into other people’s lives, this book is for you. Rachel Hickson (from back cover)

The Voice of the Father

Tracy’s first book, The Voice of the Father, published in 1995 is no longer available but Tracy still receives testimonies today of lives that have been changed as readers have stepped into the joy of hearing God for themselves.

Making Church Accessible to All by Tony Phelps-Jones

In this book which Tracy contributes a chapter to, Tony Phelps-Jones and other contributors explore how churches can become more inclusive to people of all abilities and disabilities. Tracy’s chapter focuses on those with hearing loss of which a colossal 1 in 6 people are affected in Britain. How can churches reach out and cater to them? This book is a great resource for all who are serious about making their churches inclusive to all

Day by Day with God Bible Reading Notes for Women

(Bible Reading Fellowship)

For the last decade Tracy has been a regular contributor to these popular Bible reading notes for women. Usually writing a fortnight’s series of notes a year, her themes have included The vine life; 1 & 2 Timothy; The Father Heart of God; Ephesians; Adventuring with God in Acts and Women of the Bible

Tracy’s Blog

Tracy frequently explores her spiritual journey and daily life experiences in her blog and would love you to view it and become a follower, feeling free to comment upon or share Tracy’s posts.

Facebook Groups and Pages

Tracy is one of the administrators for the MBM Facebook Page in which she shares details and photos of MBM’s upcoming events and those that her and Marilyn have just undertaken. If you need encouragement to join Marilyn and Tracy on one of the conference breaks, this would be a good Page to visit.

Tracy also leads a Facebook Group called ‘Hearing the Voice of God Group’ in which members share experiences of hearing God or prophetic words and prophecies for each others mutual encouragement.