Tracy and Marilyn


"Dora was almost 100 when she attended the Marilyn Baker concert. She was frail and breathless and I wondered then if she would make it to the end of the concert. Marilyn sang "I'm held in the hollow of His hand, that's where I am, I'm held in the centre of His love, for evermore, for eternity". Dora sang along with her. Her faith was simple and childlike. She had the opportunity to know that God loved her. She died shortly afterwards."

"I've just had a week off work due to a combination of factors leaving me emotionally exhausted. One day I felt God saying, "Rest in me, rest in my love". I though I'd have a look online to see if there was a picture I could print out to remind me and ended up listening to a YouTube recording of Marilyn live in concert. I just wanted to tell you that your beautiful clear voice and songs have spoken to me so encouragingly and powerfully down through the years and continue to do so, particularly your song ,'Rest in my Love'. This has really helped me heal and get on the right track."

I want to thank you for the gentleness of your ministry, revealing God’s love through wonderful worship, easy to grasp yet profound teaching, friendship and fun. Even the weather co-operated! It all fitted together to bring me into my Father’s presence, to affirm He wants me to be his child and to help me enter the vital and wondrous relationship He planned all along.

It’s very exciting... like having an amazing gift placed in my hands for me to explore and enjoy, and to know the Giver has many more ways to show me His love, and through my ordinary day to day life, to begin to share this amazing Gift. I have been able to find Him in a real way through all you have shared.

Now I know I am His child in a definite way, deep in my heart I KNOW IT. I am so hopeful of the future, and feel as if the pressure on me to perform is gone, and all I need to do is rest in Him and He will do what he wants through me in a wonderfully natural way. I feel as if I am so much more myself now and not at all ‘bent out of shape’ or trying to fall in with the latest faddy teaching. This was Real, more real than anything I have ever experienced and I feel I have come home... at last. This morning God gave me a lovely picture of my future. I was sitting having breakfast. I was looking out at my garden, at a maple tree I’d grown from seed and kept in a pot. It’s been in the same pot for about 12 years, and what a sad, spindly little thing it is. How it has kept going year after year I don’t really know. As I looked at it, I felt God say: “You have been like that little tree, bound in a pot, just hanging on, surviving, but not really growing at all. But I am going to take you out of the pot and replant you in my good soil and you will have the nourishment you need and your roots will go deep to explore the new ground I am putting you in. You will be the tree I want you to be; tall and beautiful, able to give sweetness and you will flourish as I intended.” It is exciting to think that God can speak to me and how wonderfully he affirms and reassures us and shows us a glimpse of what he wants for us, so much more than we can think or imagine...