Tracy and Marilyn

Devotional 12th July 2018

Chosen and Trusted

‘As he was scattering the seed some fell along the path and the birds came and ate it up.Some fell on rocky places where it did not have much soil….Other seed fell among thorns …still other seed fell on good soil.’ Matthew 13: 4 – 9

As I was thinking about this familiar parable about the farmer sowing his seeds, a question came to my mind:

If this was a professional farmer why wasn’t he more efficient in the way he sowed his seeds?

Why bother scattering them in an area where there are so many thorns, rocky paths and shallow soil?

Surely if he knew his land he would be acquainted with the best places to sow?

I felt kind of exasperated at the poor results of this farmer’s hard work when with a bit of thought and planning he could have done so much better.

Why choose weak areas when there must have been plenty of places ready and waiting with the perfect soil requirements?

But then I felt a nudging in my heart and God whispered within me…

‘Do you really want me to be like a super efficient farmer, always sowing in the perfect places and never taking a risk?’

And even as I thought about that, another question came to mind,

‘Where would you and so many of my children be if I only sought out the perfect ones? It’s true I long to see a yield for all the loving truth and care seeds I’ve sown, but even the thorns are bedded in soil and there’s soil beneath every rocky path and amongst all the weeds. I am the God who always hopes, always perseveres and always gives the chance for something new to take root, even if it seems impossible! And that is why I am an inefficient farmer who scatters my seed everywhere, because if just one of those seeds of my love finds that good soil and takes root and grows, my heart is filled with so much joy. I am the God and Father who always chooses and always trusts and I chose and I love you!’

And as those words sank into my spirit all my exasperation melted away for I am well aware of my many thorns, weeds, shallow areas and the rocky slabs in my heart that so often prevent me from loving and trusting him despite his amazing love and trust of me.

And a longing came within me for more and more of my life to become that good fertile soil, to receive his seeds of love and for it to truly grow and bear fruit, the fruit of his amazing love in me.

And in you!

Thank you dear Lord that you are not a super efficient farmer but a father who always trusts, hopes and perseveres and freely pours out your love everywhere even though you know how little response there may be.

Please work in my life that the rocky, thorny and shallow areas will melt away.

I truly want to become good soil that your seeds of love can grow unhindered.

In Jesus name, amen

Tracy Williamson

Jesus scattering seeds