Tracy and Marilyn


Devotional 19th October 2017

Hope in the Lord

‘But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength'

Isaiah 40:31

In the last devotional we thought about how the Lord gives us His peace. As His children peace is our inheritance which is a wonderful gift when everyone around us is full of anxiety and stress. How can we actually live in that place of peace? The verse above, taken from the prophetic passage in Isaiah 40, points us to a key of living in peace and inner strength whatever our circumstances. ‘Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.’ Sometimes when we use the word hope we say it in a cynical way as if the thing we are hoping for is the least likely thing to happen! E.g. ‘The forecast says it will be sunny tomorrow’, said Jane. ‘Yes’, said Sue, ‘we hope!’

But when the Bible calls us to hope in the Lord the commutation is completely different. He is described as the ‘living hope’ and He is asking us to trust in His love and delight in working out the tiniest details of our lives and situations. He can never be taken by surprise by unforeseen events as He always sees the end as well as the beginning. Hoping in the Lord is to do with us making a choice to believe and stand upon His love for us. Knowing we are loved and cared for in the midst of whatever situation we find ourselves in gives us an inner strength and an ability to rise up above difficult things in a way nothing else can.

Today, as I was walking my dog, the autumn leaves were crunching underfoot and I suddenly thought how just a month or so ago each one of those leaves were displaying the glory and fruitfulness of that tree. Now they have fallen and we can trample them underfoot forgetting that in them is the promise of the tree’s new life to come. It’s fun to tramp through crisp leaves but how often do we tramp God’s promises underfoot too? Not by literally stomping over them but by our disregard of His love and care or simply by being too busy to make time for Him and His words of love. We can dismiss His promises simply because they don’t come to pass immediately but He is bringing a deeper purpose to fruition within us and will ALWAYS bring His promises to pass in our lives because that is who He is.

Let’s choose to hope in the Lord today and if you know you’ve been tramping over His promises as casually as you may tramp through the autumn leaves, tell Him you are sorry and that you choose to live in the hope and joy of His love and care once again.

Tracy Williamson

Hope in the Lord Dog walk in autumn leaves