Tracy and Marilyn

Devotional 10th January 2019

Stepping into God’s promises

‘The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you.I will make your name great and you will be a blessing.”’Genesis 12:1-2

Christmas is over and the New Year well underway. I wonder if you feel expectant or daunted as you face this new season?

I feel a deep sense of the Lord wanting to reassure us of His love and constant presence. He cares deeply about every detail of our lives and through His Spirit wants to help us to move deeper into His plans for us.

In this passage from Genesis we read how God called Abram to leave everything that was familiar to him and go in search of a new land and a new way of living. The end of Chapter 11 reveals how his father and family had already been journeying to Canaan, presumably following God’s call, but had got sidetracked to Haran where they ultimately settled. So they started but they didn’t finish; they gave up on the call but God didn’t give up and chose Abram to turn away from the path his family had chosen and to wholeheartedly follow him.

I find this challenging as I can easily get sidetracked from things that God puts on my heart. I can start with good intentions like the plan many of us have to lose weight after Christmas; but my good intentions soon desert me and I get stuck into a pattern of failure. For Abram and his family they’d got stuck in a literal place. It could have been that it was a great place to live and had a lot going for it? Maybe they even thought that this was it, the destination God had called them to? But it wasn’t Canaan, it was Haran. It was a place they were meant to pass through not settle in for good.

Are you in a similar place at the start of this New Year? Have you got stuck somewhere in your life, maybe feeling ‘this is as good as it's ever going to get? Did you sense God calling you but there seemed to be too many obstacles to follow through? The wonderful thing is that although we may give up, God does not give up on us. He came again to Abram and gave him specific promises, wonderful promises that would keep him going through the journey. God has promises He wants to give you too. Promises that will give you strength and sustain you, promises that will guide you to your God given destination, whether that is a literal geographical place as it was with Abram or whether it is a destination in your spiritual life like living as the beloved child of God instead of as a failure. God’s words are powerful to comfort and equip us and His call on our lives fits each one of us perfectly. It grieves him when we settle for less because there is so much he wants to bless us with and do for and through us if only we will choose to follow him wholeheartedly.

Lets open our ears to listen to him at the start of this New Year and like Abram, be ready to trust and step away from all things that have held us back.

Tracy Williamson